Conception Symptoms

All You Need To Know About Conception Symptoms

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The most obvious Sign of Conception is the delay of your menstruation.

But, if you don’t have other signs, then just don’t take it for granted, that you are pregnant. It is an early sign of pregnancy, but not a sure sign. The delay of your ‘days’ can be triggered by other effects as well. Especially stress is well known for delaying your period.

Swollen breasts, also known as Breast Tenderness also is a typical symptom of being pregnant. Still many women get this every month, at the beginning of their period. So this too is not a sign, you can totally rely on. Only if it comes together with other Signs of being pregnant, it gives you a strong hint.

One of the most common sign you have sure heard of: Food Cravings. It is the standard ‘joke’ amongst pregnant women. And it is, because almost all women will discover it sooner or later. You will want to eat a specific dish, or you want to taste that one potato chip, or sour pickles. Try to feed that need with natural ingredients, whenever that is possible. It is better to eat some sweet fruit (Pineapple, Banana, etc.) than tons of chocolate. Well – you guess it: When our senses were developed long ago, there was no ice cream of your favorite brand around :)

Another sign often is headaches. While they can be a sure sign of dehydration, headaches often go along with pregnancy for many women. Unfortunately they can be very persistent and stay the whole nine months. The good news is, that you can deal with headaches easily, at least in many cases. The best cure is to drink! No alcohol of course, but pure water. Most people are not aware of the fact, that the human body consist of around two thirds of water! The percentage for the brain is even higher. Headaches might be a sign of your body to tell you to drink more water. Sounds strange? Really? Not, if you think about it some more. Imagine, you are in the kitchen, your attention being diverted by talking to someone. Then you reach out, to take something out of the oven. Suddenly, you feel heat, or even pain. That immediately lets you withdraw your hand and in that process save yourself from burning. Your body ‘talked’ to you and let you react unconsciously to save yourself from harm. The same mechanism is behind the headaches, if you don’t drink enough water. Your body tells you to drink more, so just do it. Women should drink around 2 liters, men even 3. Besides the good effect it will have to reduce your headaches, it also has a very good effect on your skin! Your skin becomes smoother.

The most annoying side effect of being pregnant is Nausea and Vomiting, also referred to as Morning Sickness. This condition most of the times decides, if the woman remembers her pregnancy with joy, of with horror. Fortunately in most of the cases, help is available within only a few hours!

Don’t struggle with Morning Sickness, but get rid of it immediately. For your own sake and for the sake of your family ;)

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Feeling sleepy of feeling exhausted is another sign. Especially if there are no other reasons, like extensive partying ;) or stress or a huge work load. The body starts to arrange for the pregnancy and for that it needs more sleep.

There are many other signs, like frequent urination or back pain. But those signs normally come much later, like 2 to 3 months into your pregnancy. And by then, you are most likely aware, that you are pregnant.

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Women, who want to get pregnant fast are extremly aware of the early signs of conception.

Some even use a conception calculator as is suggested in most conception tips and try to find the conceiving days with it. Many sites focus on ‘How to know your pregnant’ and even may provide a conception date calculator.

Early signs of being pregnant are easily spotted. After 1 week of the ovum been fertilized some women feel their breasts unusual heavy or under tension as early symptoms. Pregnancy can also be detected when Morning Sickness appears.

Here we distinguish between light forms of feeling nauseated up to very strong vomitting that affects the general health.

Fortunately some minor changes in behaviour can ease most of the early symptoms of conception. If you look for the right signs conception can be detected within the first 10 days after conception. Symptoms are being developed even stronger after that period of time.

Conception symptoms start to appear after around one week if the ovum has been fertilized.

The ultimate symptom would be a missing period, though a menstrual cycle may be affected because of stress or medication.

Light spotting may be seen but one should not confuse it with light period. Due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, a woman may experience morning sickness, an increase in the frequency of urination.

Some pregnant women may feel their breasts are heavier than usual. Also, fatigue may be considered as a conception symptom because usually during pregnancy there is fluctuation in hormones level therefore one may feel tired even after having a good rest.

These symptoms will vary among pregnant women depending on the body functions of the individuals.